Breittmayer-Thomas and Galand-Barvaux back in the overall top 10 of the 'Legend' category


The classification of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2022 was made official this Tuesday evening at 8.30 pm, as stipulated in the regulations. In close collaboration with Tripy and JB Time Concept, the Royal Automobile Club de Spa proceeded to a final check of the penalties imposed after the passage of certain 'Slow Zones', and it turned out that two crews claiming a place in the general top 11 had been wronged.


On Sunday morning, several competitors in the 'Legend' category expressed their dissatisfaction with the provisional general classification of Stage 1, which included road penalties and penalties for not respecting the time limits of the 'Slow Zones' scattered along the route. At the beginning of this week, the race officials, the members of JB Time Concept, in charge of the calculation office, and the Tripy company reviewed all these penalties in order to guarantee a totally reliable and fair final general classification.


The analysis revealed that the 'Slow Zones' penalties imposed on Emile Breittmayer and Alexis Thomas (Ford Escort MK2 #29) on the one hand, and Benoît Galand and Colin Barvaux (Opel Manta 200 #18) on the other, were not justified.


We asked for a second-by-second analysis of the evolution of the competitors in the areas concerned," commented Eric Chapa, Deputy Race Director. The result was that some penalties were not justified. They were therefore withdrawn and the competitors were warned. On the other hand, all the other penalties related to 'Slow Zones' were justified, as the crews had simply not respected the imposed passage time.


As a result, Emile Breittmayer and Alexis Thomas moved up to 6th place in the general classification, while Benoît Galand and Colin Barvaux finally finished 11th in the 'Legend' category.


The timing system set up in close collaboration with Tripy and JB Time Concept was very satisfying", commented Pierre Delettre on behalf of the organising R.A.C. Spa. These two cases illustrate that everything is not yet perfect... but that we are working hard on it! It has already been decided that during the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2023, there will no longer be any 'Slow Zones' of 100 metres, as was the case this year. These short neutralisation zones, introduced for safety reasons above all, are sometimes difficult to manage by the competitors, especially in the 'Legend' category. Although 'Slow Zones' will still be imposed, they will have a minimum length of 200 metres. The crews who were injured will therefore regain their real positions in the ranking. Thanks to Tripy and JB Time Concept for their involvement until the publication of the final general ranking.


This time, the curtain has fallen on the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2022. See you in less than 11 months for the continuation of a story like no other...