After having been forced, for the reasons we know, to postpone the inaugural edition of the Legend Boucles Rallyshow & Rallycross in Mettet by one year, the Royal Automobile Club of Spa is now in a position to formalize the new dates of 'an event that aims to be as innovative as it is spectacular. Finally, it is the weekend of Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1 that Pierre Delettre and his team's ‘titlast ’will take place on the Rallycross track of the Circuit Jules Tacheny.

“In view of the health developments and the gradual deconfinement that we are witnessing, we are finally able to confirm that the 1st Legend Loops Rallyshow & Rallycross in Mettet will indeed take place in the heart of summer, and with the public!, Explains Pierre Delettre. The exact number of authorized spectators will be communicated later, but fans will be able to attend these games and demonstrations which are likely to be talked about. So we had to go back to jump better, but this time we are there! Compared to the initial project, the X Cross Car will be missed due to date matches, but this allows us to save time to multiply the rounds of the Rallyshow and the Rallycross demonstrations ... "

Theme races

As a reminder, the Legend Boucles Rallyshow is a real competition open to racing cars from the past, built until December 31, 1990. These cars, identical to those which evolve at the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne - the technical regulations are also the even, with a few details - in the categories 'Legend' and 'Challenger', will be divided by interest groups. This means that the Ford Escorts will compete against each other, just like the Porsches, the Opels, the Swedish (Volvo and Saab), the Japanese, and the cars falling under the J2 appendix, with a two-wheel drive category and a another for four-wheel drive, such as the Lancia Delta HF 4WD, the Mazda 323 4WD, the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4, etc. Each interest group will be rich from 8 to 16 cars, depending on demand. And unlike Bastogne, the tires will be free.

The competition will begin with three runs - two on Saturday and one on Sunday morning - on a Rallycross type circuit using sections of asphalt and dirt, with a finish in the pitlane at Mettet. The time of the two best runs of each competitor will be retained, these times being added up. This will make it possible to constitute a top 8 (or top 4 for fields of 8 at the start) for all interest groups. We will then pass, Sunday afternoon, in 'Duels' mode, with clashes two by two, in quarter-finals (4 laps), semi-finals (5 laps) and finals (6 laps), the competitors s 'darting at equidistance on the circuit. This therefore means that there is no question of direct door-to-door clashes, but that it is the time that determines the qualified competitor, who continues the adventure, and the eliminated competitor. At the end of the weekend, there won't be a big winner, but a winner for each category, or interest group.

It should also be noted that the drivers will be accompanied by a co-driver, that the regulations for the Legend Loops @ Bastogne are identical to those of the Legend Boucles Rallyshow in Mettet with regard to licenses, safety and eligibility of cars, and that 'a maximum of 72 cars will be accepted and distributed among the different interest groups. As for the entry, it was set at 280 euros incl. VAT per car.

As for the cars usually racing in the "Classic" categories of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne, they will also be part of the party, performing free runs without timing. Each run will be accessible to 20 cars simultaneously. These cars will be pre-1987, one passenger will be accepted, the helmet will be mandatory, but the license will not be required. Each competitor will be able to buy as many runs as they want, at a price of 60 euros including VAT per unit. It goes without saying that no ranking will be established.

Make way for the Rallycross Legends Show!

Between the runs of some and the eliminatory games of others, the public of the Legend Boucles Rallyshow & Rallycross in Mettet will be able to enjoy demonstration races of the Rallycross Legends Show, which brings together racing car owners who have quite simply written the history of the discipline. . Two 8-car platforms are confirmed, with two-wheel drive on one side (Ford Escort, Alpine A310, Fiat 131 Abarth, Matra Murena, etc.), and on the other, all-wheel drive as famous as the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2, Ford RS200, Audi Quattro Sport, MG Metro 6R4, etc. ! A unique opportunity to see racing cars that continue to inspire dreams in action. With the soundtrack to match!

“The stage is once again set, and information about the 1st Legend Buckles Rallyshow & Rallycross in Mettet will follow at regular intervals,” continues Pierre Delettre. Competitors who had already signed up for the 2020 edition have all been reimbursed. A new registration procedure will therefore be put in place around mid-June. It will be the subject of the next communication around the event ... "

This time, the final count has really started ...