To the delight of       all ladies!


Honour to all ladies! The idea of showcasing the female presence – even the omnipresence - at the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2019, is all thanks to Delettre father and son, past masters in the art of gallantry! Having considered different ways to proceed, it was decided that a pink rose would perfectly suit all ladies, be they driver or co-driver at the start of the event to be held on Saturday 2nd February. In a nutshell, a pink sticker… bearing the logo of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne and the hashtag #LegendBoucles4Women will be applied to the vehicles concerned, whatever the category, and a superb J &Joy fuchsia bonnet will be offered to all the ladies in the race!


Over the various editions of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne, we notice the number of ladies involved is quite impressive, Pierre Delettre explained. Rarely are these competitors given pride of place. Our event being quite different from others in numerous ways, we decided to play the feminine card for this edition … and undoubtedly the following. Apart from the sticker and the J&Joy bonnet, all drivers and co-drivers will be invited on Friday for a big souvenir photograph, in the presence of a personality whose name we will not presently reveal … but who will be wearing a wow factor wig! All this with an enormous panel incorporating the hashtag. I reckon it will generate quite a buzz.”


This #LegendBoucles4Women operation has already received the support from the L-Drive association, born out of the will to promote the role of women in the automotive sector, which for a majority remains male, even macho, and which would have a great deal to gain when it comes to aiming at a better compatibility between men and women.  L-Drive develops a networking in the feminine form in all the automotive sectors. Because let us not forget that these ladies also choose their cars, love to drive, aspire to a fulfilling professional career, are sensitive to the notions of mobility and environmentalism and long to take part in events focussed on the car.


In addition, the Soroptimist service club, comprised solely of female members, decided to support the initiative via its Bastogne and Visé sections. At the root of numerous operations of generosity, the Soroptimists aspire to ‘the best for Women’, as emphasised by their logo.    


Last but not least, the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2019 will be the occasion to pay a poignant tribute to say the least… “Lucile Garcia, one of the two female police officers assassinated last May in Liège, was a faithful supporter of the event, co-driver for her husband Patrick Hagelstein, Pierre Delettre continued. A Coupe des Dames will be presented to her posthumously. Don’t read any opportunism into it from our side, but impossible to ignore such a tragedy by launching an operation such as the #LegendBoucles4Women… »


At the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne they do not do things by halves. The 2019 vintage will therefore also be that of all ladies. And everyone will be aware of it!