Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2019

will take place during the weekend of 1st, 2nd and 3rd February


It is official, the Boucles @ Bastogne 2019 will take place on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd February, in other words during the same weekend in February as that of the 2018 edition. The information was officially confirmed by the Mayor and Aldermen of the town of Bastogne this Friday morning.


This is undoubtedly good news for everyone, Pierre Delettre, organiser of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne commented. By retaining the first weekend of February, we avoid clashing with   an event of the World Rally Championship, which is of major importance when it comes to drawing up our starting grid, as we have seen every year. “


Good news always comes in pairs, the organisers of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne and the Rallye Neige et Glace conferred, and the two events will not be running back to back on the calendar, which will allow those teams interested to eventually compete in it with the same car.


The basic details are known, so it is now the official kick-off of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2019, with once again further information appearing during the autumn and winter months … (End)