Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2017


A Judge of Facts of almost 40km on earth-surfaced roads!

With the deadline steadily approaching for the participants and with their quota soon reached, the organisers of the Legend Boucles just received with great joy the last permission for a new extraordinary route.


Just as last year, the Sunday’s routes will be almost integrally held on earth-surfaced roads and through forest landscape with mileages bigger than the 2016 ones; note that there will be a secret route of 37,5km!

Thierry Neuville will not feel out of place in comparison to the WRC” smiles Pierre Delettre. “The special in question will be a judge of facts, the longest in Belgium, and it would be straight, no loops. The Legend participants will clearly be spoiled and pampered during this edition, already promising to be exceptional. Of course, we won’t be advertising the names of the communes where this marathon is held on earth-surfaced roads, but I can guarantee you that this will be a moment drivers and codrivers will remember for a very long time.”