The undecided will need to get a move on and register …


Only … 3 places available in the ‘Classic’ category!


With the festive season now over, the organisers of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2017 are back on cruising speed with six weeks left before the kick-off of the inescapable beginning of the season’s event on the Belgian motorsport scene. And the least one can say and write is that the rhythm of registrations remains upheld … starting with the ‘Classic’ category! A category in which a total of 170 actual places (cars actually present at the start) were reserved. “We could say a true plebiscite, Pierre Delettre, the organiser of the Legend Boucles explained. Last year we decided to give a serious boost with a view to satisfying the competitors in this category taking in regularity in the purest sense of the word, with an average of 60 km/h. Nominating Eric Chapa acting as the man responsible for the ‘Classic’, adopting the ‘Blunik’ system, which offered full satisfaction last February, full communication in this category, and now the outcome did not tarry: some 167 teams are already entered with a view to the 2017 vintage to be held on the 17th, 18th and 19th February next …”


In a nutshell, we can now announce that the number of places still available amount to … 3! “And we got wind of the projects of some, who are not as yet officially entered, Pierre Delettre continued. We can but incite them to complete their registration form soonest on the official Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2017 website. In fact, I believe that a mere few hours after the release of this communiqué everything will be settled and the ‘Classic’ category will display…fully booked! “


As from that moment the competitors having completed their official registration form will have one week to proceed with their payment definitely validating their presence. After that week it will be the first 170 payments registered that will determine the final entry list in ‘Classic’.


During the course of this month of January it will therefore be the ‘Legend’ category that will experience the most important arrivals. It is a tradition for the top teams to wait until the last weeks before registering… however with the introduction this year of the ‘Target Time’, the only advise here is also not to wait too long, and as such avoid any nasty surprises. A team forewarned… …