Clear-cut when it comes to rubber in the Legend Boucles…


What news regarding tyres in ‘Classic’?


Now that the national competitions have given their final verdicts, the coast is clear for the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2017! As is the custom – and now a true tradition, the winter period will now be giving prominence to the RAC Spa’s major organisation, with an edition that promises to be quite simply spectacular.. … as you will have the opportunity to discover in the coming weeks! The surprises and innovations are in fact numerous …


Lately questions have been doing the rounds regarding what type of tyres the cars would be allowed to be shod with in the Legend Boucles. Enough to keep the conversation going. … Whether it be in ‘Legend’ or in ‘Classic’, the basic rule is simple: commercial tyres for all (with European homologation number), blanket ban on remoulded, studded, ‘chained’ tyres and it goes without saying also complete ban of ‘racing’ type tyres.


The objective is clear cut: to contain the costs and encourage the biggest possible sporting level playing field, Pierre Delettre, the event’s organiser commented. By allowing the use of ‘racing’ tyres we would be advantaging those that have more means. Quite clearly this is not the aim. The Legend Boucles @ Bastogne is a one of a kind event, not to be taken for a speed rally. Moreover, by allowing the use of ‘racing’ tyres, we would be anticipating major worries on Sunday’s special stages on unpaved routes. In the province of Luxembourg, we have a truly exceptional playground, and you can count on us to keep it unspoiled. As such one and all will be shod with commercial tyres – far more affordable – even though it does rather rein in the show, the rubber sidewalls not tolerating too violent a treatment. Having said that, and having watched the television pictures of the 2016 edition, and seen the photo albums, I do not have the impression that the drivers were holding back everywhere! These are the rules of the game, and anyone not wanting to comply to these is obviouslyin no way in tune with the spirit of the Legend Boucles. QED.


If on the one hand for the ‘Legend’ category the measures regarding the tyres also include a sophisticated marking system as applied in the major international competitions – marking that will be carried out by two professional scrutineers – as also the obligation to dip into a list of 14 authorised brands (list that as from now is complete, see the technical regulations on the event’s website www.racspa.be/2017/lb2017/), on the other how do things stand for the innumerable competitors entered in ‘Classic’, and who are asking themselves questions?  


In fact, the regulations are the same as those for the ‘Legend’… subject to a few exceptions. The case being that the tyre markings will not be carried out, whilst the list of the 14 brands will not take place. In other words, the competitors will be allowed to shod the tyres they wish … obviously as long as they are of the commercial version, with the E homologation. And here also remoulded, studded or tyres with chains are banned.


This should clear any final doubts, to reassure some, and for others to make to decision to be at the Place McAuliffe in Bastogne for the start on the 17th, 18th and 19th February 2017.


As you have read, in the Legend Boucles everything is clear-cut when it comes to rubber at the beginning of 2017.