Registrations for the Legend Boucles® to be held on 18th and 19th February 2017 opened officially on Tuesday 1st November.

A 2017 edition with two innovations.

Following eleven years at 60 and later 80 km/h, the Legend category will now fall under the Target Time-system.

“This implies a major change”, organiser Pierre Delettre explained. “Competitors in Legend will no longer need to respect an average, but a Target Time per SS and that time will be impossible to achieve. As such we will no longer see cars waiting before the finish line.”

The most popular of all historic events in Belgium will not resemble a round of the Belgian Rally Championship.

“Differences with a speed rally are countless. Controls will remain in order reduce speed, and obviously to respect safety. The stages on Sunday will count as a Power Stage, which means that the differences will count double. It goes without saying that the coefficients regarding the car’s age and the category in which the car is entered are being retained. A Ford Escort MKI can still beat a Lancia 037 …”

For the Classic nothing changes, they compete at an average of 60 km/h.

Equality regarding tyres

The two major adaptations in the regulations concern the tyres: the cars must be shod with snow tyres to reduce the costs. In order to counteract abuse and improve equality, the tyres may no longer to be handled. The tyres must be chosen from a list of fourteen makes (see technical regulations) and there will be a maximum of sixteen tyres per car. The tyres will be fitted with a technical element as seen in major international competitions for modern cars. Two professional technical scrutineers, who normally work at international competitions, will mark the tyres and carry out checks at the start and finish of each stage. As factual judges they will have the power to immediately exclude a competitor.

New ‘live tracking’ system

Similar to last year a maximum of three hundred competitors will be allowed at the start, and the rally will once again be held over two days, the first on asphalt, the second on unpaved, with a few additional pleasant surprises.

The entry costs are three percent higher (50 euros incl. VAT) due to the charges linked to the ‘live tracking’ system.

The Clerk of the Course, the spectators, the assistance (that will be more refined with a detailed plan), but also the competitors will be able to follow each car ‘live’.

It is a system similar to the WRC, which will also contribute to the safety, especially during the stages in the woods”, Pierre Delettre clarified. “Should a car stop between two posts, the team will have a certain time to warn the Clerk of the Course that everything is either in order or help is required. We will also be able to track down the banned assistance, check whether someone is driving in the opposite direction (that has happened in the past!)… The system works in two directions which means that the Clark of the Course can also send a signal, in function of the position of the cars in the rankings. Each team will receive a password allowing them the follow their own car via Smartphone and on top of that after the event it can be viewed and enjoyed up to fourteen days by friends, guests, sponsors and family.”

Aiming for 300 competitors!

In broad lines these are the new regulations Legend Boucles 2017, heading for another great edition.

“The course is truly exceptional and unique in Belgium. Even the Brits are convinced and are looking to descend on Bastogne in force”, the delighted organiser added. Last year certain people were rather careful, but we kept to our promises. Even drivers who were here last year as spectators will be competing in February next year. We received some very positive critics and I believe that for the first time the limit of three hundred cars will be reached in Bastogne. As such not everyone will find a spot here” 

On Monday last at midnight the registrations opened via the www.racspa.be website, so do not wait too long.


A word to the wise …